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Dr Robert Samuels
PhD (Reading) MSc ( Surrey )
M Urban & Reg. Planning (UCT) BA (Wits)

Dr Robert Samuels has twenty years experience teaching and researching in the field of urban design and environmental sustainability. During his tenured research academic post at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, he developed undergraduate and postgraduate environmental design teaching programs and, as joint chief investigator has been responsible for $1.3million of funded research programs focusing on environmental psychology (people-place relations) and environmental sustainability (people-place-planet relations).

Dr Samuels' mission through his teaching, research and consultancies, has been to encourage a movement towards ecologically and socially sustainable development in the approach to urban design and architecture. His areas of expertise range from: climate-appropriate design of cities and energy efficient buildings, to human health, comfort and performance in the built environment, community-security and defensible design. A decade ago his 1994 edited book: Global Warming and the Built Environment encapsulated a human-environment sustainability paradigm now underpinning deliberations on green buildings and cities. Dr Samuels is also the CEO and Founder of a new start-up, Urban-Climate & Energy Inc. which will pursue the research and development of the unique urban heat harvesting and renewable energy generating technology.


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